'Joker' Fans Are Traveling To The Bronx To See The Stairs He Dances On

'Joker' Fans Are Traveling To The Bronx To See The Stairs He Dances On

'Joker' Fans Are Traveling To The Bronx To See The Stairs He Dances On

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And natives could care less about it.

By now, you’ve either seen Joker or you haven’t. But even before the film was released, its trailer featured one of its most memorable scenes: the Joker (portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix) dancing in a passageway with row after row after row of steps featured in the background.

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And although many might’ve thought the stairs were made for the film, it turns out that they actually exist — and fans of the movie have taken to its location to see it — and walk it — for themselves.

As TimeOut reported, the steps are in a Bronx neighborhood called Highbridge. On Instagram, countless pictures can be found of fans taking pictures on the steps or taking pictures of pictures from the Joker stair scene, and placing them into the real-life steps.


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Pelas ruas do Bronx em NYC… 👏🃏 via @raylivez #Joker

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And searching for “Joker Steps” or “Joker Stairs” will bring up a handful of posts showing pictures and videos of people who’ve traveled to the stairs.


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Always put a happy face… Joker Stairs #nyc #newyork #city #travel #bronx #nomada #nomad #travelling #travellers #jokerstairs

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But it seems that natives of the Bronx aren’t happy about the attention the film has brought to the area, with some of them warning visitors of the possible dangers they face if they go there.

Upon sharing the story on their Facebook page, Timeout received over 400 comments, with remarks ranging from people speaking unfavorably about spots in the Bronx becoming tourist attractions to some jokingly telling visitors what to wear and have when they do decide to visit.

Even Desus Nice, co-host of Desus & Mero, tweeted about it.

Since then, Timeout has published another post entitled, “Joker fans, it sounds like the Bronx really doesn’t want you to come to those stairs.” So, if you choose to still go the stairs and you’re not a Bronx native, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

H/T: Timeout

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