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"It's About Time": 'Candyman' Actor Tony Todd Backs Potential Jordan Peele Remake Of Classic Horror Film 
"It's About Time": 'Candyman' Actor Tony Todd Backs Potential Jordan Peele Remake Of Classic Horror Film 
Source: YouTube/PolyGram Filmed Entertainment and Propaganda Films

Tony Todd Says Returning To 'Candyman' Was "A Joy," Discusses Being Called The King Of Black Horror

Tony Todd is reprising his role as Candyman in the forthcoming reboot, which is now set to drop in August 2021.

Tony Todd talked about his return to the Candyman franchise in a recent interview with the New York Times.

Todd, who will be reprising his role of the titular character in the forthcoming reboot — which is now set to be released in August 2021 — said that returning to the popular horror film series was "a joy," before adding that he's of Candyman.

"If I had never done another horror film, I could live with that, and I’d carry this character. I thought he would disappear. After 30 years, we’re back with a fascinating, powerful new chapter," he said. "Nia DaCosta will bring that femininity to a darkness, which is great."

Todd also talked about the lack of represensation in the movie industry he saw when he first started out, and how that has changed, noting the siginificance of Candyman director Nia DaCosta being one of a select few Black female horror filmmakers out right now.

"When I started in this business, I would show up on set and not only would I be the only Black actor, I would be the only Black person in jobs that anybody should have the opportunity to do if it wasn’t for nepotism. Now it’s changed," he said. "I would go on set and the entire transportation department and hair and makeup were people that looked like me and knew how to apply makeup to me. [Laughs] And light me, OK? Just the joy that occurred, finally being allowed to the dance."

The actor also offered his thoughts on being called the king of Black horror, to which he replied:

I don’t mind. You can label me however you want. I know who I am. As long as they pay the bills and for my daughter’s grad-school education, I’m fine. Horror fans are the most ferocious fan base there is. That allows for a lot of personal appearances and celebrating a genre that’s sort of kicked to the side but also passionately adored — so I don’t see it as a secondhand citizenship. I have outside interests; I’m not worried about being pigeonholed.

Currently, Todd's latest movie appearance was in Tales From the Hood 3, which is available to stream.