“Most of Us Will Get or Have Had the Virus!”: Styles P Thinks He Had Coronavirus in January

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Photo Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images for WE tv


Photo Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images for WE tv

The rapper-turned-juice bar owner offered readers tips to boost their immune systems.

Styles P’s Twitter account is full of gems. Since he began his journey into health and wellness, he offers fans hilarious and informative takes on a daily basis. Over the weekend, he shared his latest bout with a mysterious flu-like bug. He now believes the culprit was the notorious COVID-19.

“I almost died in January,” he said. “And I never get the flu, and if I do it’s a day or two. I was down for a week and lost about 8 pounds! I had the rona! It had to be the Rona!”

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Unsurprisingly, Styles credits his organic remedies for his return to health. He and Jadakiss opened their Juices For Life store in Brooklyn back in September 2015. “I made black seed oil and went on a juice/tea diet and rested,” he said. “Go for it!”

He later listed specific ingredients: black seed oil, oil of oregano, ginger lemon and turmeric juiced with cayenne pepper. This combo, in addition to elderberry syrup, Epsom salt baths, “prayers and deep breathing.”

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Styles didn’t lean into the pandemic panic, yet still advised his followers to follow the publicized precautions.

“Most of us will get or have had the virus,” he continued. “Lot of people were sick during [December] and January before they even announced the virus…I’m no doctor but stay away from people [and] do things to boost your immune system…rest up and spread the word.”


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