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Val-Zod takes on Superman on the cover of DC Comics 'Earth 2: Volume 5'
Val-Zod takes on Superman on the cover of DC Comics 'Earth 2: Volume 5'
Source: DC Comics

Michael B. Jordan's Superman Series is Real and It Won't Center on a Black Clark Kent: Report

The Creed actor is reportedly developing a limited series for HBO Max based on an agoraphobic Superman from an alternate universe.

The race to Hollywood's first Black Superman is well underway. But if Michael B. Jordan has anything to do with it, the Man of Steel won't be just another Clark Kent recalibration.

According to a recent report from ColliderJordan is set to executive produce and possibly star in a limited series adaptation of the Earth 2 comics for HBO Max, specifically the "New 52" reboot, circa 2011. For those unfamiliar with the New York Times best-seller, Earth 2 takes place in an alternate universe whose Superman went epically bad. In that world, a fellow Kryptonian refugee, Val-Zod, rises to take on the bizarro Supe and a crippling case of agoraphobia developed from being raised in a capsule. Val's powers mirror those of the Superman we grew up on, but with a superpowered, genius-level intellect stacked on to laser vision, hyperspeed, invulnerability, and the like.

Jordan's strain of Superman is being developed at the same time as another high-profile take on the classic comic book character. Earlier this year, JJ Abrams signed on to produce a Black Superman film written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. That project is expected to officially announce its director imminently with Regina King reportedly leading the shortlist of candidates. Unlike Jordan's project, Coates and Abrams' movie is expected to center on a Black Clark Kent.

At one point, the Creed actor was also working with Warner Bros. to bring a Black Superman to the silver screen, but seems to have shelved that concept. When asked about the rumors that he'd joined the cast of Coates and Abrams' film, Jordan shot down the chatter. "I’m flattered that people have me in that conversation. It’s definitely a compliment, but I’m just watching on this one."

Hold tight for updates on all the Superman projects in the weeks and months ahead.