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Soundcloud playback pnb rock
Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

Police Officials Say Instagram Post 'May Have' Led To Death of PnB Rock

The Los Angeles Police Department says that an Instagram Story tagging the location of PnB Rock "may have" contributed to his death.

The Los Angeles Police Department says that an Instagram Story tagging PnB Rock's location "may have" led to his untimely death. On Monday afternoon (September 12), the rapper, whose real name is Rakim Allen, was gunned down while visiting Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles. As Allen dined at the restaurant with his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, she location-tagged Roscoe's in her Instagram Story, which police believe may have tipped off the shooter to Allen's whereabouts.

Following Allen's fatal shooting, on Monday, Los Angeles Police Captain Kelly Muniz revealed that Allen's killer allegedly fled Roscoe’s in a getaway vehicle. On Tuesday, LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore spoke about the ongoing investigation, adding that Sibounheuang should not be blamed for Allen's murder.

“The target was expensive jewelry, property that he had on his person. We believe this senseless murder occurred following a posting on Instagram or social media,” he said.

“The posting of that may have led to these individuals learning where he was at and going there specifically with the intention of robbing him because he’s known in the social media circles as frequently possessing very expensive jewelry and property of great value.”

Weeks before his death, Allen spoke to DJ Akademiks about frequent robberies in Los Angeles.

“Where I’m from, we like sneaky criminals,” Allen said. “And in L.A., they bold — they want to spark a conversation with you first before they get into some shit. Some of them might just go crazy.”

Artists have shared their condolences following Allen's death, including Nicki Minaj, who collaborated with the late rapper on 2019's "Fendi." However, Minaj openly berated that Rock’s location was shared on Instagram prior to his shooting, also citing the 2020 death of drill rapper Pop Smoke.

Cardi B, meanwhile, defended Sibounheuang for criticism over her Instagram Story.