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Amine, Khalid And Jessie Reyes Were The Treats Of Vevo's Halloween [INTERVIEW]

Early Halloween festivities were had in Richmond, California, at Vevo's 2017 Halloween concert. Taking place at The Craneway Pavilion, the event featured performances from artists featured in Vevo’s LIFT and DSCVR programs, Aminé, Jessie Reyez, Khalid, and SZA, all of whom are some of the year's most notable breakout artists.

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Okayplayer got some time to speak with Aminé, Reyez, and Khalid prior to their sets, where we discussed the key items necessary to pull off costumes of Erykah Badu and Questlove, most overrated Halloween candy, and if they would survive in a horror film. Spoiler: Amine doesn't think he would.

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What would you need to successfully pull off an Erykah Badu costume?

Aminé: Alright, That's really funny. I would do a head wrap, a sundress, and then a men's dress shirt, only super baggy with a Bob Marley tee under. Oh, see I know my Badu!

Jessie Reyez: Oh my God. A whole lot of metals and golds and silvers and like all of that so I could make all the crazy jewelry. I like love her jewelry. It's so dope that- I would swoop it up with that.

How about Questlove?

Jessie Reyez: It's just funny. I did a show at Jimmy Falon like a few months ago and it was hella dope. And he like interacted with me on twitter after I did the BET show, which was hella dope. And he was like, "Hey, cutter up," and I was like, "that's cute" 'cause I had a really dope time. I feel honored that they even let me on. You know? And he like pushed ... like he- it was just dope that he even bothered to mention my name on twitter. And so I got to meet him again, that day and I bought him a t-shirt. So, if I had to dress up as him, I would wear my own t-shirt!

Khalid: Ooh, I need a wig. Because we don't have the same hairstyle right now. Yeah, I think that would be it. He's so dope. His personality, he's just so awesome, and I signed a drumstick and that was the greatest feeling ever.

Would you survive in a horror movie?

Aminé: I want to be able to fight to the end, but I feel like they always kill off the black dude. In scary movies, that's a thing. I don't know.

Jessie Reyez: I just wanna know who I should assemble my crew to be so I can know how to stay alive. Nah, I'm trying to fight but like- the reason it's making this more complicated than it has to be is that if like my nieces were there or something I probably am the first to go cause I'd try to protect them. Anybody else I'm running. I'm fighting.

What is the most overrated Halloween candy?:

Jessie Reyez: Man! What are those little candies? They're wrapped in orange and yellow and white. Like taffy, you know the ghetto taffies? I guess in Canada we get them a lot...taffy. It's like a taffy.

Khalid: Candy corn! Ugh, by far, I hated it!

Best Halloween candy:

Jessie Reyez: Gumballs. I know it's not really a Halloweeny, but I love them though. Like, you know the Crybabies? The big ass sour ones? All day.

Do you believe in Ghosts:

Jessie Reyez: Well, yes I believe in spirits, you know. I don't know about ghosts cause ghost have a negative connotation, but spirits don't, to me.

Check out some images from the VEVO Halloween concert below.