America’s Favorite Teen: Khalid Talks Halloween, The Roots & Scary Stage Moments [INTERVIEW]

Rachel Hislop Rachel Hislop is a native New Yorker who also happens…
Khalid. The El Paso artist released his debut album American Teen earlier this year to commercial and critical acclaim, earning the platinum certification this month from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The 19-year-old has also traveled across the country and world, as well as collaborated with a number of artists including Logic, Calvin Harris, and Lorde. Just take a quick scroll through his Instagram and you’ll see Khalid living the ideal teen dream, taking pictures with Solange, SZA, Lil Yachty, and many, many others.

Okayplayer got the chance to speak with the artist ahead of his performance as a part of Vevo’s 2017 Halloween concert in Richmond, California, where we talked about best taco joints in El Paso, Halloween costumes, and the most overrated Halloween candy and yes, it’s absolutely the candy you’re thinking of.

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OKP: Speaking of Halloween, if you had to pick one member of The Roots to dress up as, who would it be and what would you wear?

Khalid: Hmm … that’s hard. That’s hard because I’ve personally, I’ve met them. I did Jimmy Fallon, and that was the most exciting thing ever. Quest. I’ma go with Quest.

OKP: What do you need to dress up as Quest?

Khalid: Ooh! One, I need a wig. Because we don’t have the same hairstyle right now. Yeah, I think that would be it. He’s so dope. His personality, he’s just so awesome, and I signed a drumstick and I thought that was the greatest feeling ever.

OKP: what is the most overrated Halloween candy?

Khalid: Candy corn! Ugh, by far, I hated it!

OKP: I thought we were having fun here, but I guess not.

Khalid: No! You like candy corn!?

OKP: I love candy corn! What is the scariest thing that’s happened to you during a performance?

Khalid: I ripped my pants in Toronto and I panicked because nothing like that has ever happened to me. And it was so big, the hole was huge. And so I run off and I’m like trying to yell at people I’m like, “Yo, my pants are ripped, my pants are ripped!”, no one’s being responsive, so I just run backstage and I throw on a pair of sweatpants with the tag still on it, I just tucked the tag just underneath, and it was the worst thing ever. It was so much fun afterward, during it I was pissed, I was so mad.

Check out the recap from VEVO Halloween, including a performance from Khalid below.

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