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Nope website
Photo Credit: Universal Studios

Jordan Peele Inches Towards the Release of 'Nope' With New Fan Website

Jordan Peele has shared new viral website Jupiter's Claim to promote his third-directed film Nope, which premieres on July 22.

Jordan Peele fans are now welcome to Jupiter's Claim. At the beginning of the month the director, actor and comedian unveiled his new viral website to promote his third-directed film Nope.

Jupiter's Claim boasts a western theme much like the upcoming thriller film. On the website, guests can explore the town, with options to visit the bank, a theater, the “winking well,” general store, star lasso, and P.O. Box. Visitors can also play games on the website, which occasionally darkens with the sound of rolling thunder, distortion and captions also changing.

When clicking on the bank while the website is bright, the caption reads: "The bank is the last stop on your financial journey, where you’ll play a game that tests the mind and lassos your memory... Tip your hat, say a prayer, and try your prospecting luck! Watch the three green cowboy hats move around... Do you remember which one the hidden Jangle lies under? Sure hope so if you’re minded to earn the Jupe Jangle of your dreams and abandon your pauper status!"

However, when the website darkens, the caption says different: "It’s the money you spend here to make the experience feel more fun, but do not be fooled. Our currency pushes the lie forward. It precipitates the fears of the unknown. You can spend money here. You can continue this cycle of terror. But know this, you have been warned."

Starring Keke PalmerDaniel KaluuyaSteven Yeun and a host of other Hollywood A-listers, Nope follows ranch owners and siblings James and Jill Haywood (played by Kaluuya and Palmer, respectively) who encounter a mysterious existence in the sky. As the two install security cameras at their ranch with help from Kevin (Brandon Perea) and UFO expert Craig (Michael Wincott), an extraterrestrial threat continues to disrupt their western town.

Nope premieres on July 22.