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Tupac baby boy
Tupac baby boy
Photo Credit: Baby Boy

John Singleton Left Behind a 2Pac Painting From 'Baby Boy' Worth $75K

Featured in 2001 John Singleton-directed drama film Baby Boy, a mural painting of the late 2Pac is worth $75,000.

As part of John Singleton's estate, a wall-sized mural of 2Pac from 2001 film Baby Boy is now worth $75,000. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Singleton's estate – run by his mother, Shelia Ward – filed an updated list of assets that the Academy Award-nominated director left behind after his passing in April 2019. One asset in Singleton's possession was a painting of 2Pac used in Baby Boy, featured prominently in the movie that starred Tyrese Gibson, Taraji P. Henson, Ving Rhames and Snoop Dogg.

Singleton's list of assets also includes Jody’s lowrider bicycle ($50,000), a poster of jazz musician Miles Davis ($21,000), 13 directors scripts worth $6,500, other paintings priced at $8,000, a dozen boxes of comic books and more. Altogether, the valued price sits at $156,700.

Singleton and 2Pac, legal name Tupac Shakur, first collaborated on 1993 drama Poetic Justice, which co-starred Janet Jackson, Regina King and Joe Torry. The film earned Shakur a NAACP Image Awards Nomination and Singleton considered the All Eyez on Me artist the star of Baby Boy before the rapper was gunned down in September 1996.

“I’d been working on the notes for years, and it was actually the last thing I talked to Tupac about doing,” Singleton told the Chicago Tribune nearly five years after Shakur’s death. “When he got killed, I just put it on the shelf. I thought there was no way I’m gonna find anyone with as much heart and soul as he did, until I met Tyrese.”

Tyrese Gibson ultimately portrayed Baby Boy protagonist Jody, but during an appearance on TV One's Uncensored, he delved into how Shakur was honored in the film.

“And because the movie was supposed to be done with Tupac, that’s the reason why we have this big mural of Tupac in my bedroom,” Gibson revealed. “Because that was John’s way of saying, ‘You were supposed to be in this movie. You was my original baby bro.'”