Common And Robert Glasper Want A Statue Honoring J Dilla

Common And Robert Glasper Want A Statue Honoring J Dilla

Common And Robert Glasper Want A Statue Honoring J Dilla

Photo Credit: Roger Erickson for Stones Throw

Common and Robert Glasper both want J Dilla to be honored with his very own statue in Michigan.

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Mic has announced its Black Monuments Project, an endeavor that imagines statues of notable black figures replacing Confederate statues across the country.

“…Confederates are lionized in the form of at least 718 statues and memorials across the nation” the website says, with the monuments “affirming the white supremacy they sought, and celebrating a past where slavery defined the racial hierarchy.”

“The Black Monuments Project aims to correct this sordid legacy through a blend of history and imagination,” Mic continues. “Published at the start of Black History Month, it repurposes our nation’s Confederate-centric memory of the Civil War as a chance to celebrate black heroes, well and lesser known, instead of the white supremacists who would see them locked in chains.”

A number of figures are requested by contemporary black figures, with Common and Glasper calling for a monument of J Dilla to be made in Michigan, the producer’s home state.

“We should have a monument for J Dilla in Michigan because he is one of the greatest musicians, influencers, artists to ever live,” Common says.

“He’s the only producer that actually changed the way that musicians play their instruments,” Glasper added.

The request comes on the day of Dilla’s birthday. The artist would’ve been 44 years-old.

Check out the Black Monuments Project here.

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