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Photo Credit: ABC

Watch Desus Nice Fly Solo On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Just weeks after Desus & Mero called it quits, former co-host Desus Nice made his solo debut as a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It seems that Desus Nice is taking the Desus & Merobreakup in stride. On Monday night (August 15), Nice was guest host on ABC late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, opening the show with a monologue on Donald Trump's issues with the FBI, differences between broadcast TV and premium cable and the CDC.

“It’s good to see Biden is bouncing back from COVID,” Nice said, opening his joke. “Because according to new guidelines from the CDC — we no longer have to quarantine anymore if we’ve been exposed to the virus. That’s right. We’re moving from the ‘pandemic’ phase to the 'fuck it' phase.”

The former Desus & Mero co-host then made the joke relatable to fellow New Yorkers.

“I’m actually kinda mad about this because the CDC just took away our best excuse to get out of work,” Nice said. “Hey a guy coughed on me on the L train, and I gotta take the rest of the month off — out of an abundance of caution.”

It appears that Nice will be picking up future solo opportunities post-Bodega Boys, which former co-host The Kid Mero said the duo have been working towards. Earlier this month, Mero stopped by Basic! podcast to reveal that the two wanted to end their hit Showtime series over a year ago.

“Desus and I had discussed pursuing separate interests over a year prior to the show coming to an end and that conversation solidified us in signing overall agreements that recognized our intent to operate independent of one another,” he said. “As far back as June of last year, we were both pitching or looking to join existing projects as individuals. It’s not like I’m breaking up with my girlfriend on the phone. It was a strategy and one that we all agreed on.”