2016 one musicfest 10
2016 one musicfest 10
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Andre 3000 Shares A New Collection of T-Shirts, Hoodies

Andre 3000 has released another set of merchandise.

On Tuesday evening, Andre 3000 hopped on Instagram, making a rare announcement on social media. The Grammy-winning artist shared a sketch he drew, which he trademarked and apparently forgot about. The piece depicts an ant in what looks to be a polo rugby-like shirt reading a book. In an effort to not waste the trademark, Andre decided to release hoodies, T-shirts and posters. Check out the full collection on his official website.

"This is a sketch I did a while ago," he wrote, "and I am told I have to use it now in the marketplace or it stops being mine. So I've made a few things with it. All the shirts are ethically-produced/made from recycled materials."

The last we heard from Andre, he shared his mother's homemade apple pie recipe in collaboration with Meals on Wheels Atlanta. On his site, 3000 went into a bit more detail about this latest endeavor.

"According to the trademark people," he wrote, "in order to retain control of your trademarks, you have to actively use them. The trademark office also [has] deadlines and lots of rules to defend your intellectual property. Here are a few things that I hope you and the good people at the trademark office will enjoy."

The garments were made in partnership with the Los Angeles-based production company Everybody.World. According to the company's site, the group "makes thoughtful goods without exploiting people or the planet. We're dedicated to fair wages, pushing boundaries in textile sustainability, and collaborating with creative minds to make enjoyable clothing."

Stay tuned for further updates from Andre 3000.