Forever Infamous: Prodigy's Best Guest Verses [Playlist]

Forever Infamous: Prodigy's Best Guest Verses [Playlist]

Book Ones: Prodigy on his new street lit imprint Infamous Books

Celebrating the late Queens legend’s impeccable collaborative catalog

Today we lost a real one. Maybe too real for some. And while I haven’t lived long enough to fully comprehend the size and scope of Prodigy‘s influence or impact, it doesn’t take a doctorate to know and feel the community reeling in the wake of this untimely death.

In the maybe one dozen years I’ve been aware of Prodigy, both as half of Mobb Deep and, by that point, an exemplary solo act, one thing was clear about the man: Bumpy Johnson was an adaptive and versatile lyricist that brought edge and grit to the cinematic rap canon. And he worked extensively (and exceptionally well) with others. Whether lacing a Pete Rock classic alongside Pretty Tony and The Chef or blazing some dusty soul a la Alchemist, P was always ready to throw some muscle over a choice selection from your favorite MC or producer’s new tape, with a timeless voice and flow that finessed any generational gap with ease.

Naturally, we’ve compiled 25 of his brightest non-Mobb Deep moments into one hard-hitting Spotify playlist. Pour one out, bless the air and press play. R.I.P. to the forever infamous, Prodigy.


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