artwork, Camp Lo x Ski Beats - Fort Apache EP

That headline alone is guaranteed to take you back to the days when Camp Lo “Luchini” was in regular rotation on Hot97, Jay-Z was that underground rapper who scored with a few crossover singles and Sporty Thievz was about to be the next sh*t. Of course what all those artists had in common was the input of once-and-future super-producer Ski Beatz. Something has definitely come full circle cause Ski is everywhere at the moment, working with the hottest rising-star MCs from Panabay to Cape Town and now dropping this unlooked-for EP, apparently recorded circa 2006. Download below and find back cover and tracklisting after the jump, then let’s get rich. What?


back cover, Ski Beatz x Camp Lo - Fort Apache EP

1. Sugar Willes Revenge
2. Afros
3. Zoom
4. Flawless Victory
5. 52 Pick Up
6. Did You Know


  • oneepat

    Ah, thanks you for this….!

  • Camp Lo is beyond greatness and Ski is holding down NC.