Storyville 2: Questlove Tells The Full Story Of The Time Prince Replaced Him w/ 'Finding Nemo'

Questlove, you may have heard, tells the best stories. Prince, in our experience, is the best stories. It stands to reason, then, that the only thing more hilarious than a Questo story about Puffy, say, or Patti would be a Questlove Story About Prince. In theory, if you crossed these two story-streams–if unstoppable narrator met inscrutable subject–you could open a portal onto a whole other dimension of funny.  So when Questo tweeted not too long ago about that time he once got fired from a DJ gig so the Purple One could watch Finding Nemo, well, we knew we had found…The Singularity. The Perfect Storm. The Purple Grail, if you will, of Questo celebrity stories. Or at least, we thought we had. Surely there had to be more to this story than could be contained in 140 character summary…Right?

We were determined to find out. We got Questlove on the horn and when the chairman of the storyboards had finished his tale, we knew that what we had discovered was so good it was destined to become: Storyville Part 2, The Electric Boogaloo! This story has everything you could want in a Hollywood script, really. The Dilemma: 11 people, 10 Prince tickets. The Dramatic Entrance: Prince on a runaway golf cart! The mystic quest: get Prince a pool table–on the top floor of a VIP club! The Random-ass Detail: Prince is a pool shark! The Blessing: Faced with setbacks, our hero summons the spirit of his funk ancestors! (Fela, of course).  The Other Random-ass Detail: Finding Nemo! The Call-Back: Well, you have to watch ’til the end for that one.

But that’s not the only reason to watch this story over and over again. No, no, no. When our go-to genius of animation Hectah was done making movies out of Questo’s words, he had added, dare we say it? a whole other dimension to this perfect story. A few fun things you can do with this video: 1) See if you can spot 1 or 2 famous faces amongst the 10 people in Questo’s entourage 2) See if you can name the classic 1980s music video Hectah channels for Questlove’s blind date 3) Name the Philly-based movie that sets the scene for the face-off with Prince’s assistant. And 4) See if you can spot the Ellen DeGeneres cameo! Try to do that with a tweet.

All in all, we thought the final product would make a pretty nice birthday present for Questlove’s 45th Birthday…which just happens to be today. So without further ado, may we present: Storyville Part Two: Questlove v. Prince!


  • SOJo

    maaaybe… he really wanted to see the movie that night?!

  • http://instantnyc12.tumblr.com/ Terrence Boogie Monster

    Insane. The way he did Kevin Smith was pretty bad also.

  • Jose Torres

    honestly i don’t get the hype behind Prince. He is a straightup fuckboi. dude is fruity than a bowl full of oranges. his music is lame…

    • http://www.zombo.com/ Daigoji

      I highly recommend you do some research before making a fool of yourself in public. That “fuckboi” is more of a man than you, got more ass then you ever will in your life and can play over 50 musical instruments. His records have gone triple platinum and he revitalized the “movie music video” genre made popular by the Beatles with Purple Rain. He is responsible for numerous acts and songs that he wrote and simply gave away across jazz, pop, rock, metal and even R&B ballads.

      Dude, it is ok not to like his music, to each his own, but your comment comes across as an ignorant zit faced kid whose testicles haven’t dropped yet talking shit about a guy that would not only kick your ass physically, but in life with what he’s accomplished and the accolades he received.

      Man, you seriously need to do some research, his music has changed with each decade since the 70s.

      Kid you are out of your damn mind hto post some ignorant stuff like that in public.
      Wow. I’ll give you that, when your testicles drop you may have some serious balls or a lack of damn sense.

    • Find Your Pleasure!


    • Mark Slater

      You think his music is lame because you think his only music is the stuff he wrote and performed in the 80’s. Look up his writing credits some time. You are CLEARLY unaware that he has written or co-written hundreds of songs for artists including some of very biggest names in show biz. The man is a true musician. He doesn’t just sing the songs his record company provides him like every pop star today. Chances are he wrote a few songs for those artists, and those that he wrote are the famous ones.
      He plays DOZENS of instruments, and not like he can just pound out louie louie on them. The man is actually one of the best guitar players in music ever. And he is very very good on most of the rest of them. He’s as much the “Real Deal” as there possibly is. Do a google search for songs written or co-written by Prince.
      Fuckboi? What are you 11?

    • Jose Torres

      I posted a comment that i’m guessing was not approve; yet you approve some messages that are just as offensive. are your moderators that biased? now my original thoughts are lost in translation…Mybe I am wrong? that is precisely why I am emailing you.

    • Elemi Brown

      Just curious…who do you think is more TALENTED or better than Prince? Or better yet who are your….let’s say….top 5 musical artist in your opinion?

    • Jose Torres

      from that time frame i will go Marvin Gaye, Rick James….countless others.

    • Akademik

      Marvin Gaye and Rick James are before his time you dummy! #knewhedidntknowmusic

    • Jose Torres

      bugger off, dummy.

    • Jose Torres

      More of a man that an Infantry NCO…sure. he is a fuckboi/faggot/ bisexual that has lame music in my opinion. attacking me isn’t going to change my mind. Now kindly bugger off!

    • Jerald Jackson

      as a sgt in the army myself…you sound stuck on stupid

    • Jose Torres

      Sure jerald, have some respect and leave. You and everyone else commenting on my opinion of the guy. you all don’t like it you don’t have to comment. go about your day.

    • rastoma

      You didn’t post just an ‘opinion’ and just simply ‘dislike this artist’. You implied he’s gay, which as was mentioned has always been straight and had more beautiful women than you will ever dream of. Now your comment that you don’t ‘get’ him and his music is ‘lame’. Fair. No problem with that. THAT is an opinion and one to be respected. What people are having a problem with is how childish you said it by throwing in derogatory lies.

    • Jose Torres

      sorry but Prince is gay. he is bisexual, likes boys and girls. do some research.

    • zo

      go away.

    • Jose Torres

      No bugger off

    • Jose Torres

      I’ve had quite alot, i don;t wear heels either. Prince is bisexual do your research.

    • Akademik

      You’re the only asshole commenting on a post about someone you say you don’t like! Who’s the asshole? I don’t understand you weirdos now a days!

    • Jose Torres

      Dude who cares, people dislike different artists I don’t fucking like him. end of story.

    • http://www.ilsensual.com Inez Lewis

      WTF is wrong with you? Are you fkg kidding? WOW

    • VampireUmpire

      Always one fuckboi to call someone else a fuckboi.

  • Find Your Pleasure!

    Very Funny!

  • http://www.corpseonpumpkin.com/ JARET FERRATUSCO

    This is amazing. Well done.

  • ETraubman

    I would totally love to see Hectah do an animated depiction of the story Quest tells in his book about the time that he met KISS when he was a little boy traveling with his family during his dad’s performing days. I laughed out loud when I read that story! What do you say, Quest and Hectah?

  • VeganGalNoLa

    Cute animation! Great story!! R.I.P., Creative One.