NYC Soulstress Jaime Woods Drops A Beautiful New EP

OKP Premiere: NYC's Jaime Woods Delivers Tender & Lush R&B For The Soul On Solo Debut 'TROY'

OKP Premiere: NYC's Jaime Woods Delivers Tender & Lush R&B For The Soul On Solo Debut 'TROY'

25-year-old NYC resident Jaime Woods may have just dropped some of the year’s most essential listening in her soul-stirring solo debut TROY.  The six-track EP is a stunning introduction to a talent that began its bloom in the Windy City as a fixture of its gospel circuit, sharpened by the stringent competition of her new surroundings. But Woods is far from just another local lilt; she carries with her a voice that soothes and a penchant for knee-deep soul music, making it known with each and every breathy note that her groove is for both the head and the heart.

The album commences with slick and slinky six-string work on “Hello Morning,” opening up midway through like a regal, once-in-a-lifetime sunrise that envelopes you in its majesty. Then there are more Stax-styled offerings like “Talk To Me” and the very bare and tender ballad “How Love’s Made.” “Home” is as warm, emotional and nostalgic as anything you’ll hear all year, sure to give you all kinds of feels and is perhaps the perfect lazy Sunday score. TROY caps off its journey with the lustful one-two punch of “If You Were Mine” and “Can’t Let It Go”; the former, an acoustic-guitar-driven number, harking back to her church chops with layer upon layer of heavenly vox, styled with a bit of a country twang and the latter being a somber, cold concoction that oozes of wanting.

And so, TROY is a potent and proper introduction to a voice we expect to be hearing plenty from in the months ahead, continuing to blaze her trail with uncommon grace for such a young talent and a motley ensemble of some of NY’s finest, including Big Yuki, Antoine Katz, Daniel Woods and Jeremy Most. Hear the lush and tender soul of Jaime Woods on the absolutely lovely debut EP below and grab your copy of the record on Bandcamp today.

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