Cee-Lo - "Only You" f/ Lauriana Mae - Okayplayer

Cee-Lo - "Only You" f/ Lauriana Mae

Cee-Lo and Lauriana Mae - "Ony You" (single art)

Cee-Lo Green returns from Christmasland and gets right back to his soulful grind on this collaboration with relative newcomer Lauriana Mae–a grind that could best be described as foulmouthed Motown. The breakdowns remind me a little of that Bruno Mars song that sounds like The Police but Cee-Lo and Lauriana pull the groove satisfyingly down to earth on the big drums and Funk Brothers-ish bassline on every verse. Mae herself is no slouch–a modern day torch singer with real jazz vocal chops ala Amy Winehouse, although she obviously hits some soaring pop-diva runs that the dearly departed Ms. Winehouse would never have ok’d. Either way, a pretty auspicious launch to a new talent and Cee-Lo’s new year. Listen below and judge for yourself:

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