Black Milk breaks down J Dilla's beat for S;um Village - Fantastic Interlude

In the latest edition of Bling47‘s J Dilla breakdowns, fellow Detroiter (and some would say heir) Black Milk switches us on to the sample from “Fantastic Interlude” by Slum Village. Their breakthrough LP Fantastic Vol. 2 is known (no small thanks to our own ?uestlove) as one of the all-time classics of underground hip-hop, particularly the track known as “Fantastic Intro” (just ask D’Angelo). But this interlude–also known as “Fantastic 3”–from its predecessor, Vol. 1 is a special favorite of true Slum Vill connoisseurs and Dilla’s flip of “Age of Aquarius” (as in the dawning of) from Moog Machine‘s Switched-On Rock LP is a blueprint for the artform, not to mention a gateway drug for many an early SV adopter–including Milk himself. Watch below for the full science.


  • rickyrose

    one of my top Dilla tracks. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard this track. Had to pull the car over and just meditate on its beauty. I miss those days