2 Chainz The Roots Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Haaaa, I’ve been DYING for an excuse to post some 2 Chaaaaainz! shit on OKP… Fallon once again comes to the rescue. This past Friday, Tity Boi was the musical guest on Fallon and was backed up by The Roots as he performed “No Lie” and “Spend It,” this is also one of the rare performances where Black Thought hops on the mic as well (sidenote: subtracting Drake and adding Tariq is all kinds of win). Had the whole Roots Crew turnt up for this one, check it below. Based on a T.R.U. Story is out now – be mad.


  • ReyLoo

    I’m sorry…got to point this out…just wondering if yals ears are catching the difference between SUPREME MC vocals and just your everyday Rap artist. I truly believe like singers…some people have the voice/instrument to sing….and likewise with MC’s some have the voice that cuts and some don’t. Listen to when THOUGHT is breathing on the mic and when them other two cats…the clarity and the presence is just so night and day to me. No dis to 2Chains….get you money…think he is pretty entertaining dude. Just pointing out EXCELLENCE when i see it….that’s all…sometimes with MC’s the average listener tends to lump them all together.

    • therealholtron

      Felt the same way when I saw Big Sean’s appearance on Fallon. He’s entertaining and all, but let’s get real. Black Thought >

    • J in the A

      Well said.


  • GreenMan

    Terribleee…best part of that was Black Thought and all he did was hype!

  • nonsense

    thought is real.
    chainz come and go.

  • rickyrose

    Some hip-hop is so bad it makes me mad. Lifeless, talentless, meaningless babble. I guess that’s why he’ll have a number one album.

  • KD06

    2 Chainz just doesn’t move me. Some who aren’t great lyricist still have a style. I don’t subscribe to the notion if it’s not underground it’s wack, but this is over hyped commercial garbage that is perpetuated by Viacom and Radio One….

  • I think black thought just likes being able to indulge in a guilty pleasure now and again – looks like he’s having a blast

  • am

    First of all I could not stop laughing looking at Black thought. He was a having a good time. I just coun’d stop looking at him. Just because this music may not be his flavor doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. But the whole Roots crew made two chainz look better.