Watch Uncle Luke's Inspirational BET Hip-Hop Awards Acceptance Speech
Watch Uncle Luke's Inspirational BET Hip-Hop Awards Acceptance Speech
Source: BET

Watch Uncle Luke's Perfectly-Irreverent BET Hip-Hop Awards Acceptance Speech

The Miami Bass pioneer sounds off on the industry

Hip-hop as we know it has always owed 2 Live Crew a bid of gratitude.

While the street-sharp coasts accounted for a grip of the output in its cultural adolescence, the first champion of southern-cooked sounds was the city of Miami. At its center, the pivotal Miami Bass group. Luke Campbell, also known as Luke Skywalker and Uncle Luke, once served as leader to the irreverent squad, whose music was once considered too vulgar and sexually explicit to be given radio play or even the opportunity to perform onstage.

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Last night, Cambell was responsible for an increasingly rare moment of profundity at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. After an all-star performance that wrangled perennial hit-makers DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Trina, Trick Daddy (all deeply-indebted to the ground laid by Luke and Crew,) Campbell took the stage to address a community that may have forgotten all that he sacrificed in order for hip-hop to remain its uninhibited and uncensored self, while casting off 2 Live Crew as "booty music" and something other.

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He goes on to address his fellow southern Floridians, all in the wings as he emotionally detailed the work that he's done within his community since squaring up with the Supreme Court and forcing them to acknowledge and enforce the first amendment rights of musicians the world over.

Watch the full speech above.