Eminem Ethers Donald Trump, Salutes Colin Kaepernick in Powerful New Freestyle

Eminem Rips Donald Trump, Supports Colin Kaepernick Source: Twitter

Eminem is back.

On Tuesday night, the legendary rapper made a surprise appearance during BET's annual Hip-Hop Awards ceremony. 

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There he performed a five-minute verse/spoken word poem called "The Storm" where he completely trashed President Donald Trump.

There were two particularly powerful moments in the freestyle: one where he shouts out Colin Kaepernick and holds up a fist in solidarity. The other came at the end, where he said "fuck you" to the fans who support him and Trump.

This moment comes as rumors swirl that a new Em album will be coming out in November.

If this freestyle says anything, it's that he's ready to get political again.

Watch Eminem's new acapella freestyle below.