​‘The Simpsons’ screengrab, FOX.
‘The Simpsons’ screengrab, FOX.

‘The Simpsons’ Writers Join Ongoing Writer's Guild Picket

Last Friday, longtime writers of Fox animated comedy The Simpsons joined the WGA picket for the ongoing strike towards major Hollywood studios and platforms.

The legendary writers crew behind the long-running animated comedy The Simpsons made their way to the Writers Guild of America strike last Friday (June 9). While donuts were served up during the occasion, The Simpsons creator Matt Groeing showed up to the picket, along with show writer and producer James L. Brooks, former staff writers Conan O’Brien, Al Jean, Dana Gould, current showrunner Matt Selman and more.

Along with the special appearances were picket signs, t-shirts and pins with the images of classic characters such as Comic Book Guy, Disco Stu, Bart Simpson, protagonist Homer Simpson and more.

Organizing the event were Jean along with The Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman.

“A lot of writers have come through this show and gone on to do great things. If you write a ‘Simpsons’ episode, you’re very fortunate because it’s probably going to be on TV as long as there is TV,” Selman told Variety. “So you can really feel like you have a little taste of a legacy. And I’m so lucky to feel like I have a personal creative legacy. It’s a gift from the universe to feel like you have made a tiny mark on the world of silliness.”

The Simpsons last aired its 34th season from September 25 to May 21, with guest appearances from Lizzo, Simu Liu, Natasha Lyonne, Melissa McCarthy, Will Forte, Bowen Yang and more. The WGA strike began last month, affecting numerous scripted and late-night TV shows including Abbott Elementary, Saturday Night Live, The Last of Us and Stranger Things, many of which have pushed their upcoming seasons. Members of the WGA are demanding pay increases due to being overworked partially due to the increase of streaming services.