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'The Simpsons' Gets An Anime Makeover In 'Death Note' Parody Episode

In a new segment of its three-part Treehouse of Horror XXXIII Halloween special, The Simpsons gives an Anime-styled Death Note parody.

The Simpsons has gone anime. As part of the iconic cartoon series' 'Treehouse of Horror XXXIII' Halloween special, a segment of the three-part event will parody legendary anime Death Note. Titled "Death Tome," the segment will feature Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson and Lisa Simpson in anime art styles courtesy of South Korean studio DR Movie. The animation company has also worked on productions including Teen TitansAvatar: The Last Airbender and The Batman (The Animated Series).

Frames from the episode show Homer, Marge and Lisa sitting at a chabudai while eating dinner, while Lisa is haunted by what appears to be Ryuk from Death Note. Last Friday (October 14), The Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman shared on podcast Four Finger Discount that DR Movie "executed The Simpsons universe in pitch-perfect Death Note anime style."

A clip from the upcoming special shows Lisa receiving an omen in the form of a book and opening it to reveal a message that reads "Any person whose name is written in this DEATH TOME will meet their death... and be dead." Living in a dystopian city, Lisa vents by saying “the human race is 20 cow farts away from total extinction and we deserve it.” Also in the clip are potential anime versions of Disco Stu, twins Sherri and Terri and Ned Flanders.

The 'Treehouse of Horror XXXIII' Halloween special premieres on October 30, and is comprised of three parts in total, with other animated tributes to Westworld and The Babadook.