Reason attends the TDE Pool Party at a private residence on July 18, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Reason attends the TDE Pool Party at a private residence on July 18, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

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Reason & TDE Co-President Have Live Heated Argument Over Label Issues

While appearing on show BACKONFIGG to promote his upcoming album, Reason got into a heated argument with TDE co-president Anthony “Moosa” Tiffith Jr. over unexecuted collaborations and former label co-president Dave Free.

Carson rapper Reason aired out his grievances against Top Dawg Entertainment on show BACKONFIGG, where things took an awkward turn. To promote his upcoming album, Porches, Reason, born Robert Lee Gill Jr., shared that he was initially supposed to have features from Latto and EST Gee, which ultimately didn’t go through. Latto, however, appeared on new Jay Rock single “Too Fast (Pull Over)” with Anderson .Paak.

Gill pointed the finger at TDE for the delays, also mentioning that EST Gee’s rate went up to $25,000 after collaborating with Future.

“We had certain features lined up that could’ve went through,” he said. “We had the budget, we had the features lined up, takes too long to get pushed through, feature price ended up going up or something goes away. Content ideas lined up, not executed. Rollout ideas lined up, not executed.”


TDE co-president, Anthony “Moosa” Tiffith Jr., the son of Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, clearly took the claims personally, as he called into the show. Moosa asked both TDE DJ Mackwop, also present during the show, and BACKONFIGG co-host T-Rell to name ten songs by Gill, which both were unable to do. Moosa went on to further blast Gill, claiming that former TDE co-president Dave Free, also Kendrick Lamar’s longtime manager, didn’t want to sign the New Beginnings rapper.

Aye, [Dave Free], [Kendrick Lamar], I love them ni****. Dave never wanted us to sign Reason. He called him a substitute teacher. Dot only said Reason had talent, but it’s gon’ take more than just talent in this game right now and everybody know that.”

Moosa continued by saying that he was unsure how a EST Gee collaboration would help after Reason worked with artists on the TDE roster. “Even when I hear n***** saying features and everything, 'Oh yeah, you could’ve got an EST Gee feature,' but what does that do for Reason? Like, what’s that gon’ do for Reason? Even when you say you can’t get in contact with SZA and all that. You done had features from everybody, including [ScHoolboy Q]. I’m just trying to understand it, man.”

“You wanna have a conversation or you wanna go viral, which one you wanna do?” Gill shot back. The rapper has since acknowledged viewers on Tuesday (August 8), maintaining that the argument wasn’t a “rollout move.”

Featured on Porches, which drops Friday (August 11), are Doechii, SiR, Zacari, Baby Tate, Ray Vaughn and more.

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