Universal Zulu Nation Issues Apology To Afrika Bambaataa's Alleged Victims

Universal Zulu Nation Issues Apology To Afrika Bambaataa's Alleged Victims

Less than a month ago, the Universal Zulu Nation, an organization founded by Afrika Bambaataa, finally addressed accusations of sexual abuse and molestation brought against its former leader by announcing that they had undergone a complete change in regime, distancing themselves from Bam, but never actually naming him in formal press release issued.

Today, just a few weeks after Bam himself attempted to clear the air with a TV interview in which he claimed no wrongdoing, Zulu Nation is naming names and addressing Bambaataa's alleged victims directly in a new release, according to Daily News. The release apologizes to all of those that may have been marked by these horrid acts and for The Nation's response, encouraging any other victims to come forth, signed by three dozen members of the organization from around the world.

Another member of Zulu Nation, Zulu King EL One, told Complex that the initial statement was authored by a group of Bambaataa's associates and didn't represent the stance of Zulu nation at-large.

"If there are other victims that may be out there, we just want them to come forward and know that we stand behind the victims. "We wanted to takea stance and let the world know we're not for bashing any victims."

El One went on to explain that the Zulu Nation will be marching in Brooklyn this Sunday, June 5th, to amend the statute of limitations on victims of sexual abuse and molestation.