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T.Shirt – The Fuck [Free LP]

T.Shirt – The Fuck [Free LP]

T.Shirt is an NY emcee i only recently got familiar with, but quickly became a fan of. At midnight he dropped his latest album, The Fuck, via his website (I strongly suggest you dl his last one as well, I Should Just Chill). Don’t get too caught up in the title, it’s not as crass as you may think, and it’s definitely worth the listen – gritty and honest rhymes over clean production from an emcee on the rise. Get a sample here, and get the full download link and tracklisting after the jump.


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“The Fuck” sessions, were stolen out of T.Shirt’s car in Miami this past December, along with his MacBook Pro and other valuables. No individual protool sessions meant the songs could never be changed. No updated mixes could be produced, no TV or “clean” versions of tracks could be made, and basically songs had to be released as they were, or scrapped and recorded again from scratch. The album was about 94% done. This is that album.


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