Raekwon answers "The Questions" for Okayplayer TV [video interview]

Raekwon Answers "The Questions" For Okayplayer TV

Raekwon answers "The Questions"

Raekwon is as much maestro as Chef. Method Man, ODB and Ghostface have all scratchiti’d their names on rap’s wall of fame but Rae is arguably the Wu MC most capable of going toe to toe with the grimiest lyricists of his generation. Along with the grimiest MCs of his generation–Nas, Prodigy and Black Thought, to name a few–he helped redefine the sound–and raise the lyrical bar–of the whole genre with lines that have inspired cyphers on a thousand and one corners. So when we heard hip-hop’s half-Mongolian Napoleon was going toe to toe and bar for bar with Apollo legend Talib Kweli on the set of the video shoot for their collabo track “Violations”–we knew it was time for Rae to face “The Questions.”

A lyrical heavyweight demands equally weighty questions, so we knew we had to come with some haymakers; the crucial questions of our time, questions like: What’s your favorite hood movies from the 90s? Favorite food? What do you do all day? What (other) classic groups do you want to reunite, Wu-Tang style? What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? Any tips on how to flirt with the sophisticated fly-colored queen bees? Press play on the newest episode of Okayplayer TV to find out the answers to these and more. And while you watching, just make sure dem angles is right, B.

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