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Mixtape Monday: Cookin' Soul's Xmas Mix, Outkast, Brand Nubian + More!

Cookin Soul Xmas Mixtape 2015

It's time to step on out our cozy beds and head off toward another week of vibrant sound. Mixtape Monday is the best new sounds on the internet, and we've got an early-holiday trove of goodies to give. First and foremost is a holiday set from Spanish beatsmiths Cookin' Soul, a little bit of Outkast, some Brand Nubian, Kutmah and more.

Cookin Soul Xmas Mixtape 2015

The Spanish soothsayers of Cookin' Soul are stuffing our stockings with a seasonally-appropriate set of holiday tunes. You'll hear a young Michael Jackson catching mommy kissing Santa Claus, Kurtis Blow Christmas rappin' and Jimmy Jules saying what's been on all our minds: December just done got funky.

DJ Blend Daddy Outkast Mixtape

Nothing but top-quality Outkast cuts, sewn together with creative verve by DJ Blend Daddy. If the holiday mixtape thing isn't quite your bag, this oughtta do quite nicely.

Egon Effects Box Mixtape Rappcats

The mighty Rappcats master Egon has apparently been going through his home stash of records and getting ready to sell a few of his delectable rarities. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone to cop some golden wax, and also, apparently, a great occasion for making a mixtape, so here we are. If J. Rocc did give Egon the effects box, we're cool with it as well.

Boiler Room London Kutmah

Nothing but the really-realness from Kutmah, who helped Boiler Room celebrate their 5 year anniversary. Boom-bap, modern electro and many points in between (there's also video of the party here).

Brand Nubian Waxpoetics Mixtape Cover

This December marks the 25th anniversary of Brand Nubian's brilliant debut LP One For All, and to commemorate the greatness, the great folks at Wax Poetics and WhoSampled have put together (with the help of Chris Read) a mix relevant sounds. It's a wild, nostalgic, and enlightening ride.

To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of One for All this month, our buddy Chris Read has crafted yet another dope mix of album tracks, alternate versions, remixes, and original sample material. Expect a heavy dose of James Brown, Steve Arrington, Edie & The New Bohemians, Ohio Players, The Last Poets, The Gap Band, and many others, blended into golden-era Brand Nubian. Enjoy!


1. Ray, Goodman & Brown – ‘Another Day’ (Sampled in ‘Wake Up (Reprise in the Sunshine)’)

2. Chris Read – ‘Theme #3’ (Scratchapella)

3. Brand Nubian – ‘Wake Up (Reprise in the Sunshine)’

4. Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians – ‘What I Am’ (Sampled in ‘Slow Down’)

5. Kool & The Gang – ‘Kool It (Here Comes The Fuzz)’ (Loop) (Sampled in ‘Slow Down’)

6. Brand Nubian – ‘Slow Down’

7. Ohio Players – ‘Never Had A Dream’ (Loop) (Sampled in ‘Slow Down’)

8. The Nite Liters – ‘Tanga Boo Gonk’ (Sampled in ‘Wake Up (Stimulated Dummies Mix)

9. Brand Nubian – ‘Wake Up (Stimulated Dummies Mix)

10. The Mar Keys – ‘Plantation Inn’ (Sampled in ‘Step to the Rear’)

11. Big Daddy Kane – ‘Smooth Operator’ (Extract) (Sampled in ‘Step to the Rear’)

12. Brand Nubian – ‘Step to the Rear’

13. James Brown – ‘Funky President (People It’s Bad)’ (Sampled in ‘To the Right’)

14. Brand Nubian – ‘To the Right’

15. James Brown – ‘Can Mind’ (Sampled in ‘All for One’)

16. James Brown – ‘All for One’ (Extract) (Sampled in ‘All for One’)

17. Brand Nubian – ‘All for One’

18. Kool & The Gang – ‘Jungle Jazz’ (Sampled in ‘Drop the Bomb’)

19. Trouble Funk – ‘Drop the Bomb’ (Extract) (Interpolated in ‘Drop the Bomb’)

20. Public Enemy – ‘Anti-Nigger Machine’ (Extract) (Sampled in ‘Drop the Bomb’)

20. Brand Nubian – ‘Drop the Bomb’

21. James Brown – Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud (Sampled in ‘Dedication’)

22. Brand Nubian – ‘Dedication’

23. The Gap Band – ‘Tommy’s Groove’ (Sampled in ‘Ragtime’)

24. Brand Nubian – ‘Ragtime’

25. Steve Arrington – ‘Nobody Can Be You’ (Sampled in Grand Puba, Positive & LG)

26. Run-DMC – Here We Go (Live at the Funhouse) (Extract) (Sampled in Grand Puba, Positive & LG)

27. Brand Nubian feat Positive K and L.G – ‘Grand Puba, Positive & L.G’

28. Syl Johnson – Different Strokes (Loop) (Sampled in ‘Try to Do Me’)

29. Brand Nubian – ‘Try to Do Me’

30. Cameo – ‘Rigor Mortis’ (Sampled in ‘Brand Nubian’)

31. Brand Nubian – ‘Brand Nubian’

32. Parliament – ‘Flash Light’ (Extract) (Sampled in ‘Brand Nubian’)

33. Cannonball Adderley Quintet feat Jesse Jackson – ‘Walk Tall’ (Sampled in ‘Concerto in X Minor’)

34. Brand Nubian – ‘Concerto in X Minor’

35. The Last Poets – ‘When the Revolution Comes (Extract) (Sampled in ‘Concerto in X Minor’)

36. Earth, Wind & Fire – ‘Bad Tune’ (Sampled in ‘Dance to my Ministry’)

37. Trouble Funk – ‘Pump me Up’ (Extract) (Sampled in ‘Dance to my Ministry’)

37. Brand Nubian – ‘Dance to my Ministry’

38. James Brown – ‘Popcorn with a Feeling’ (Sampled in ‘Who Can Get Busy Like This Man’)

39. Brand Nubian – ‘Who Can Get Busy Like This Man’

Nicky Siano Gallery NYE Mixtape Cover

Classic disco master Nicky Siano (whose crucial role in the 70s NYC club scene you can read up on here) is gearing up for a New Years Eve blowout in Coney Island, one that will revitalize the Lower East Side's now-defunct Gallery Bar for a night of wild revelry unlike anything seen in over thirty years. To prime your ears, Siano partnered with Thump and WaxPo to release another set of vintage sounds, and the 70 minute ordeal is one of the most enjoyable sets we've heard in a long long time. You can get more ticket information for the New Year's Eve soiree right here (we assure you it'll be worth it).

Pings Dephicet Mini mixtape vol 2

If it's tasteful knocking beats you desire, then DJ Pings has you covered with his latest delivery. Fredfades, Adrian Young and M9 all get some love, and if you're not loving life by the end of that Lewis Parker instrumental, well then we don't know what to tell you.


Adrian Young - 1969 Organ

Mr Chop - The Infinity Machine

Third Sight - I Strangled The Accordian

Fredfades & Ivan Ave - Honey Dip

Step Brothers (Evidence & Alchemist) - Draw Something ft. Oh No

'Some Breaks'

Mayheim Lauren & Ice Rocks - Critical Thinking

The Purist - Change ft. Roc Marciano

M9 - Landslide

Lewis Parker & Eastkoast - All or Nothing

Lewis Parker & Eastkoast - Mentally Stuck (Instrumental)