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Miguel - Kaleidoscope Dream: Water Preview [EP Stream]

by shamz
July 27, 2012 12:50 AM

Miguel Kaleidoscope Dream Water Preview

So Miguel threw us for the head fake right quick, but that’s ok because we’re still getting new music from the r&b crooner. His Art Dealer Chic trilogy won’t be followed by his sophomore LP, but rather another three song EP… which will be followed by another EP that will combine with the first EP and 5 more tracks to create his sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Dream. Part 1, Kaleidoscope Dream: Water Preview will be out July 31st, but compliments on Spin, we get a stream of the three-track release. One of the songs is the extended version of “Adorn,” but that’s ok, because that song honestly never gets tired. To attempt to¬†unconfuse¬†things,Water Preview will be available on iTunes July 31st, the second EP, Kaleidocope Dream: Air Preview drops September 11th, and the final full-length release, Kaleidoscope Dream, will be out in digital and physical form on October 2nd. For now, just stream Water Preview.

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