Pass The Popcorn: Michael K. Williams & Jeremy Renner Star In The Trailer For ‘Kill The Messenger’

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Michael K. Williams & Jeremy Renner Star In The Trailer For 'Kill The Messenger' - A Dissection Of The Life Of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Gary Webb From Focus Films.

Michael K. Williams stars as Freeway Ricky Ross in the trailer for the dramatic thriller Kill The Messenger about the life and work of Gary Webb – the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who first exposed the crack epidemic’s origins in South Central L.A. The picture from Focus Films is written by Peter Landesman and directed by Michael Cuesta. Two-time Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner plays the role of Webb, who uncovers a story about the crack epidemic in Los Angeles that balloons to reveal international and political ties much bigger than Ross or Webb could have imagined. Webb’s research first lead him to discover the shady dealings of the men immediately tied to the epidemic but the same work eventually found him face to face with the C.I.A. as he alleged that the U.S. government was facilitating the importation of cocaine into the U.S. and using the profits to aid rebels fighting in Nicaragua. The clip is the latest to delve into the life and case of Freeway Ricky Ross, following the first signs of director Mark Levin‘s forthcoming documentary FREEWAY: CRACK IN THE SYSTEM. Check the footage below to get a taste of Kill The Messenger. Scroll down to view the official trailer. Get more on the film, which opens this month, via

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