Joey Badass by Mr. Mass
Joey Bada$$ (Photo by Mr. Mass for Okayplayer)
Joey Bada$$ (Photo by Mr. Mass for Okayplayer)

Joey Badass Tossed a Donald Trump Impersonator Off His Stage, Sued For $1.5 Million

Joey Badass by Mr. Mass Joey Bada$$ (Photo by Mr. Mass for Okayplayer)

Throughout both the his presidency and the campaign the preceded it, Donald Trump as met a vocal opponent in Joey Badass. The Brooklyn rapper has railed against the tyrant in interviews and songs alike, but was particularly impassioned when an impersonator stepped onto his stage during a September performance, after which Badass promptly tossed the wigged man back into the crowd. Now it appears that the impersonator is ramping up his impression by taking legal action against the rapper, suing for an unfathomable $1.5 million in damages, according to a report from TMZ.

The plaintiff, Phillip Wilburn, is claiming to have spent $1,000 on medical expenses and may require a surgery costing $25,000. He believes that he'll lose $50,000 in profits following the altercation. The cumulative damages incurred barely add up to five percent of the sum requested in the suit, signaling a clear money-grab attempt, just like the IRL president would have wanted it.

A video of the incident has surfaced, which you can watch below. Joey Badass will return with his sophomore full-length album, ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, on April 7th. Pre-order your copy on iTunes today and jump back to see the video for his new single "Land of The Free."