Happy Birthday HUB

Happy Birthday Leonard "HUB" Hubbard!


Leonard “Hub” Hubbard may have retired from his position as vice president in charge of bass-groove acquisition for The Roots a few years back, but he’s still our homie. And we still wanna take this opportunity to wish O.G. bass-slayer the notorious H.U.B. a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Legendary Hub helped lay the foundation of the group, toured for years – a bonified road dog – along with the rest of the gang, and was known for the heavy, funk-filled basslines that’ve become a a part of The Roots’ signature sound from the 90s until infinity.

Just a quick shout to wish our guy beaucoups respects and positive wishes– and an excuse to share a classic Hub photo or two. Raise a lighter (or a flaming chewstick) in his honor and wish Hub a happy b-day yourself in the comments below!

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