Coronavirus Testing
Coronavirus Testing
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Wisconsin Is Offering Free COVID 19 Testing to Black and Latino Residents

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers expressed he recommends high-risk communities should get tested even if they're not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Free COVID-19 testing will be available to African Americans, Latinos, and tribal communities in Wisconsin under a plan announced by Gov. Tony Evers.

According to USA Today, Evers’ plan is an effort to battle against the explosive racial and ethnic disparities that are being exposed due to COVID-19 cases and deaths in Wisconsin and other states. In the state, African Americans and Latinos make up about half of the coronavirus cases. While Latinos make up less than 7% of the state’s population, they make up 29% of the COVID-19 cases. 

African Americans make up roughly 6% of the Wisconsin population, yet they account for 21% of the state’s confirmed cases. The USA Today report states about 30% of Wisconsinites who have died after contracting the deadly virus have been African American. 

In an interview with Journal Sentinel, Evers shared details on the pandemic:

"These disparities existed before this pandemic. But what we can do in this present circumstance is we have to, have to, have to test more people. In order for us to do the best job possible serving the disadvantaged groups in this state who are disproportionately impacted by this virus, we have to test more."

Evers also said, “We can bend the curve on this if we test more.” He added, “Is that going to solve economic disparities? No. But hopefully, it's going to save some lives, that's the critical thing right now.”

The testing will be conducted by the Wisconsin National Guard at community testing sites. Evers has noted that African Americans, Latinos, and others in high-risk groups should get tested even if they’re not experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19.