OKP Premiere: F.Stokes “Carpe Diem”

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F.Stokes "Carpe Diem"

F.Stokes "Carpe Diem"

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Chicago born and bred emcee F.Stokes. The now NYC based rapper has plans of releasing his long delayed album, Fearless Beauty, on June 17th (entirely produced by  DoomTree member Paper Tiger). The focus of the album is the courage, strength and resilience of his family as well as a celebration of his Windy City roots. Says Stokes: “During the recoding of this project I spiritually—and physically—placed myself in my childhood room in Chicago. I revisited conversations I had with the junkies, the pimps, the prostitutes, the gangsters, all manifesting in the recordings.” I’ll be very interested to see how these themes play out on this album, today we get a sampling with the OKP premiere of his latest single “Carpe Diem.” It’s without question some top down Cadi drivin’ music, let Stokes put it in better perspective for you: “I grew up listening to Twista, Doe or Die, and Crucial Conflict  – they all amplified the strong pimp culture of Chicago in their songs, so it was important for me to incorporate that influence on Fearless Beauty. This is my ode, so to speak, to Don Juan – his confidence, style, way with words, influenced an entire generation.” Fearless Beauty will be out June 17th.

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