Esperanza Spalding - "Radio Song" [Short Film]

Esperanza Spalding's album Radio Music Society drops tomorrow (pre-order on iTunes and stream it here in the meantime) and the second official video, for the helpfully titled "Radio Song" is here. Actually as we may have mentioned in our track-by-track preview, the album is also a full-length film incorporating all 12 songs into a loose visual narrative, of which he videos are actually just segments or outtakes. With today's budgets, even a short conceptual film to accompany even some of the the songs on your album represents the sort of ambition that is the province of your Kanyes and your Björks, not for jazz musicians struggling to overpower the mainstream through sheer force of musical chops. But doubtless some marketing wizard over at Heads Up International went all Don Draper in a board meeting and said "Gentlemen, Esperanza Spalding is as beautiful as her voice. Film. Film is the way to go with this one. If we just keep the camera on her night and day the music-buying public will greet us as their liberators." OK, maybe I got a little happy with the 'greeted as liberators' but if you watch the film, you will see what I mean.