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Dave Chappelle On Trump Immigration Ban: 'Does Not Seem Right'
Dave Chappelle speaks at The Roots Picnic NYC on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016. (Photo: Vickey Ford | Sneakshot)
Photo by Vickey Ford (Sneakshot) for Okayplayer

Dave Chappelle Mocks Black Trump Supporter During Stand-Up Set

Dave Chappelle On Trump Immigration Ban: 'Does Not Seem Right'

If you are at a comedy club and Dave Chappelle is performing, maybe you should not yell that you voted for Donald Trump (especially if you are black).

Well, one such patron did that during an appearance Chappelle made at the Savoy in Inglewood, California and, inevitably, the comedian did not hesitate to go in on the audience member.

At first Chappelle warned the crowd that he would cut his set short if members of the audience continued to record his stand-up set, after noticing a number of visible phones in the air. But he still went into a joke about President-elect Trump, beginning with "Well, a few more days left and it's so long Obama. Donald Trump is gonna take the reins and be our president."

Following that an audience member then seems to shout something about voting for Trump to Chappelle, where the latter then proceeds to make a number of jokes about the guy's choice for president of the United States.

"Take it easy security, he just voted for Trump," Chappelle says. "I've never seen a motherfucker get circled by security whilst wearing an argyle sweater."

"You didn't think you would see that tonight did you — a black dude in a room full of black dudes — 'Dave I voted for Trump!' Ni**a you trying to get us all killed," Chappelle concludes with.

Trump has been the target for a number of jokes done by Chappelle. During his highly memorable and great opening monologue for Saturday Night Live following the 2016 presidential election, the comedian spoke out on sexist remarks Trump had made that were unearthed during his presidential campaign.

There was also that strange moment in which conservative publication the Observer ran a story claiming that Chappelle had defended Trump, while criticizing Hillary Clinton during a stand-up set that occurred last year. Of course, Chappelle set the record straight, and adamantly declared that he was not a Trump supporter.

Check out the video of Chappelle at The Savoy (via TMZ), below.