OKP Exclusive: Big Ghost’s 12 FOH-est Moments Of 2012 (+ Hopes n Visions For 2013)

Drake's expression in A$AP Rocky's video for "Problems" recapped by Big Ghost

Ayo whattup you back in the presence of the mighty Hands Of Zeus aka the grand poetic Phantom Raviolis or Thor Molecules the panty melter aka Shampoo Bracelets or the one n only Galaxy Knuckes…but yall can call me Big Ghost namsayin. Live in the place to be we got a special treat for yall, namely:

12 Fuckouttaherest Moments of Last Year n My Hopes n Visions for 2013

Once again peace to my OKP family…but thats where it stops. Love is love but we gotta handle business right here…

Disclaimer: The views n shit in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever whatever. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too.

Lets get this shit started…

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