Beastie Boys' Mike D Gets Beats 1 Show

Beastie Boys' Mike D Gets Beats 1 Show

Beastie Boys' Mike D Gets Beats 1 Show

Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station already has a stellar list of artists with their own shows: DJ Khaled, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Q-Tip and now Mike D.

The Beastie Boys member announced the news on Zane Lowe‘s show earlier yesterday. The show, titled “The Echo Chamber,” will debut this Friday at 3 p.m. EST and will air biweekly at the same time. According to an interview the rapper did with Rolling Stone, “The Echo Chamber” will have him spinning artists such as Chance the Rapper, Lil Yachty (the fact that Mike D knows of Lil Yachty — what a time to be alive), ESG and Arthur Russell, as well as feature guests Slaves, Cassius and Blood Orange. The show’s name is inspired by Mike D’s love for Jamaican dub music.

“In a way, it’s like a little bit like a fantasy that I’ve had since basically I started buying records as a 13-year-old,” Mike D told Rolling Stone. “So to actually be able to cut out the middle man and play records and have it be somehow part of a vocation is some weird wish fulfillment.”

The interview also includes some really good gems, such as the first time Mike D heard the Beastie Boys on the radio (when they were still a hardcore punk band) and listening to his albums, specifically Licensed to Ill which turns 30 this year.

“I don’t listen to any of our records. But once in a while, if I’m DJ’ing, I’ll go and try to see and listen to the instrumental or something or an a cappella or something and see what’s there,” Mike D said. “I’d say the last time I did it, it was interesting. I don’t know. I guess what stood out to me about it …  you know, there’s obviously a lot of stuff on there that I’d like to never hear again. But there’s production on it and songs, we were really on top of something.”

Hopefully with “The Echo Chamber” we’ll also get some anecdotes about the Beastie Boys that we haven’t heard yet, but we’ll have to tune in to found out.

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