Meet Allison Madison, The First Black Woman Mayor Of Mound City, IL

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Meet Allison Madison, The First Black Woman Mayor of Mound City, IL
Photo courtesy of KFVS
Meet Allison Madison, The First Black Woman Mayor of Mound City, IL

Photo courtesy of KFVS

Allison Madison has made history as not only the first woman to be elected as mayor of Mound City, Illinois but as the first African-American too.

Madison’s win came this past Tuesday after the small town decided to choose her as mayor.

“It’s history,” Madison said in an interview with news station KFVS 12. “Now that part, that’s amazing, that’s just awesome to me and I guess I’m happy about that.”

Initially, Madison was not going to run but reconsidered after deciding that she wanted to try and “make a difference in the town.”

Now that she has been elected Madison wants to clean up the Mound City community, as well as bring in new business and help the youth.

Baton Rouge also made history this year for electing its first-ever black woman mayor.

Sharon Weston Broome was selected by the East Baton Rouge Parish for mayor when Broome beat her opponent Mack “Bodi” White in a tight race, that saw Broome receive 52 percent of the vote. She has succeeded fellow democrat Kip Holden, who served for 12 years as the first black mayor of the city.

Prior to taking up the position of mayor, Broome served as a state representative and state senator. Her campaign for mayor was focused on healing and unifying Baton Rouge, as well as addressing the importance of investing in education, healthcare, low-income communities and criminal justice reform.

“Being unified is not only part of a vision for our future, it’s the backbone of the process that takes us there,” Broome said. “We will work for the next four years to make our city an example of how to heal and progress past the hurt that we have seen.”

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