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Snoop 2
Snoop 2
Source: Snoop Dogg Vevo

Snoop Dogg Responds To Critics Questioning His Pivot To Gospel

"This is not a money-driven project - it's a spirit-driven project."

Snoop Dogg has responded to critics slating his latest genre-shift to gospel music.

The 46-year-old rapper's Bible of Love was released earlier this month, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan Charts, breaking the record for Most Streams of a Gospel Album in its First Week with over 3 million streams.

When asked about the career move during a TV One interview at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards where he performed Friday night, the king of pivots said, “It was always in me from the moment I came into the music industry, I always had gospel music influences."

He added, “I always referred to my saviour Jesus Christ on most of the records that I spoke on; I always had moments that I would reflect on that and let people know that I was a born again Christian. So it was just time for me to actually put my money where my mouth was.”

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When asked what he thought about people who were unhappy that a secular artist was making gospel music, Snoop responded saying, “The devil is alive.”

“I thought church was supposed to welcome sinners. If the church was full of saints, it wouldn’t be right. So, if you finding somebody trying to find their way back home, the natural thing to do is be warm and welcoming, open your arms, and say, ‘Brother, we accept you for who you are and what you going through. Come as you are."

He continued, “We know you been doing wrong, you want to get right so we going to help you get right. We not going to throw stones at you when you trying to get right and welcomes back into the church house. That’s what’s running people away from church right now, as we speak.”

“What about you? Have you checked your status? Are you going to heaven? Why are you judging me? How much have you done for the Lord?”

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Critics or no critics, Snoop Dogg has some major co-sogns from the gospel industry on his latest venture. The album boasts features from Charlie WilsonPatti LaBelleMarvin SappRance AllenKim BurrellIsaac CarreeThe Clark SistersFaith EvansK-CiJohn P. Kee, and more.

Watch the itnerview below: