Fat Joe Tried to Warn 6ix9ine that the Feds Were Coming

Fat Joe Tried to Warn 6ix9ine that the Feds Were Coming

Fat Joe Tried to Warn 6ix9ine that the Feds Were Coming

Source: TMZ

Listen to your OGs kids.

Over the weekend, Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine was arrested by the Feds on a gang of charges. Shortly after that news broke, a clip of Fat Joe talking to 6ix9ine started to spread around.

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The clip, which is from Joe’s TIDAL podcast Coca Vision, features Joe trying to warn 6ix9ine about police watching him. In the clip, Joe says:

Can you control your friends? The police tried to set me up so many times … 1 million percent they are plotting on you.

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Joe based it on his own experience. (Not sure if you know this, but Joe had his own rep in the ’90s.) At one point he says they were going to try and “Fat Joe” him.

It didn’t seem like 6ix9ine was listening too closely. Nas probably said it bet on “Watch Dem Niggas:”

TMZ caught up with Fat Joe at a Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway he was doing. In the clip Joe says:

I was just trying to school him. Because I’ve been through that. I had the heat on me…I was wilding in that streets. I tried to tell him…it’s my job because none of the OGs, when I came into the rap game, schooled me. They could have stopped me from getting into a lot of trouble.

Joe also mentioned that he caught 6ix9ine in Dubai a couple of weeks ago. And he said 6ix9ine told him he felt something was coming:

He was like “yo, i think I’m catching this case.” And he was telling me everything I told him in the interview! And I was like “Jesus Christ.”

Check out the TMZ clip below.

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