Daptone Records Salute Charles Bradley in Touching Tribute Video

Daptone Records Salute Charles Bradley in Touching Tribute Video

“The only thing that’s left for me is to just give my love to the world because this body’s getting old, and I got a late chance in life”

In the weeks since his tragic passing, musicians from all corners of the globe have put one up for the late Screaming Eagle of Soul, Charles Bradley.

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He soared into the hearts of all that had the profound pleasure of seeing or hearing his scorched squall. And now his label, Brooklyn’s Daptone Records, has released a touching en memoriam as a final farewell. The clip centers on footage from a trip to Austria circa 2014, where Bradley found divine inspiration in the halls of a middle-aged church. He performs the song “Victim of Love” to an onlooking audience of locals and shares thoughts on his faith and a heroic career, as archival footage of him with late labelmate, Sharon Jones, holds the screen. Jones died late last year of her own complications with cancer.

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Charles Bradley died at age after a long bout with cancer. Watch Daptones’ tribute above.

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