Funkmaster Flex Takes Offense to Cardi B Calling Herself “King of New York”

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Carrdi B Calls Herself "King of New York," Funkmaster Flex Takes Offense

Cardi and Flex go back and forth

On Thursday night, Lil Yachty released a new song called “Who Want The Smoke?” The track features Offset and the Bronx’ Cardi B, who raps the line: “The fur on my shoulder mink, tell me what Hov would think. I get the money, I am the King of New York.”

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Now, there was once a time where labeling yourself “King of New York” was a big deal. However, New York lost its stranglehold on hip-hop and the label doesn’t really mean much. (In 2013, Kendrick Lamar, who is from Compton, claimed he was “King of New York” in his infamous “Control” verse; most fans yawned.”

However, there was at least one person who took offense to Cardi’s line: Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex. On Friday he sent out this tweet:

That tweet started to spread around. And the legendary DJ explained, on Instagram, that he feels rappers should meet a certain bar “lyrically” to be considered “King of New York.”

#BarsStillMatter via: @leveluphiphop_

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Cardi B heard what Flex was saying and responded on her Instagram, putting out a number of videos, saying “Why y’all so mad about that? Did I say I was the best rapper from NY? No. Does this shit have to do with rapping? No.”

She went on to say:

Why can’t I feel like I’m the King of New York? Every time I go to my city, people cheer me on and show so much support and it has nothing to do with this rapping. I’ve been packing out clubs even when I was a stripper. I go to my hood and I’m comfortable, a bitchh is rich an famous and I’ll still go to the projects and show love. There are niggas that can’t even go back to their hood. I love my city. Let me a king. Why can’t I be a motherfucking king?

She makes some valid points. Check out her response to Flex below.

Let me be a King in peace 😂😂😂😩😩😩who want the smoke !!

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Anyways go check out WHO WANT THE SMOKE !!! …

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