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Black Thought Breaks Down Drake Vs. Pusha-T on 'Ebro in the Morning' Source: Hot 97

Black Thought gave a very insightful interview

Last Thursday, Black Thought released Streams of Thought Vol. 1, the veteran rapper's first recorded solo project. The EP, which was produced entirely by 9th Wonder, features five tracks of lyrical mastery.

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On Monday Black Thought appeared on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning. He talked about what he knows best: rapping.

Thought talked about his new EP, as well as his iconicFunkmaster Flex freestyle. He also mentioned the rappers that have been the most impactful to his career. The list included: Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D, KRS-One, Rakim,  Ice Cube, and The D.O.C.

Thought also talked about the Drake vs. Pusha-T beef that everyone has been talking about. Thought says he definitely has been "paying attention" and that he's able "to appreciate a rap beef as much as the next man."

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Thought didn't mention who he thought won the battle, but says that he likes both records for different reasons. He also mentioned that he doesn't love when rap beef gets too vicious, saying: "I'm not the biggest fan of the getting so personal, involving children and spouses."

The whole interview is insightful. And he even spits the famous Harvard freestyle. Check it out below.

Source: Hot 97