Pusha T Says Kanye West is Holding Up His 'King Push' Album
Pusha T Says Kanye West is Holding Up His 'King Push' Album

Pusha-T on His Savage Drake Diss: "All Bets Are Off"

Pusha-T Appears on 'The Breakfast Club' Source: Instagram

Pusha-T is headed on his victory tour

Hours after dropping his vicious Drake diss track, "The Story of Adidon," Pusha-T called into The Breakfast Club to talk about the track.

Point blank: it doesn't seem that Pusha is ready to let up.

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During the interview, Pusha confirmed that the reason why the track was so vicious was because Drake mentioned his fiance on his track "Duppy Freestyle," saying “all bets are off because of that.”

Pusha goes on to talk about the title of the track: "The Story of Adidon." Pusha says Drake's new adidas line is called Adidon, named after his alleged son Adonis. Pusha said Drake was going to introduce his son during the campaign.

At one point in the interview, Pusha said: "We wouldn't know about your child until you started selling sweat suits and sneakers?"

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Pusha also spoke on the blackface pictures Drake had. Push said:

Drake took those pictures a little while ago...They said it was his idea, something he wanted to do…I need a few answers. I really do. Like I really need to understand like what makes you take a picture like that, like what’s the problem?

The blackface pictures came from the time where he modeled for a Canadian brand called Too Black Guys. In 2008, the brand, which was trying to make a comment on social commentary, did the shoot.

Listen to the entire eight-minute convo below.