Screengrab from Sway’s Universe (YouTube). ​
Screengrab from Sway’s Universe (YouTube).

Juicy J Opens Up About Last Conversation With Gangsta Boo

On Sway in the Morning, Three 6 Mafia member Juicy J reflected on his last conversation with Gangsta Boo, who died in January.

Juicy J opened up about the death of late Three 6 Mafia member Gangsta Boo on radio show Sway in the Morning. The Memphis rapper, who released memoir Chronicles of the Juice Man on Tuesday (September 5), shared his regrets about the last time he encountered Boo, born Lola Chantrelle Mitchell.

The 48-year-old began by recounting the news of Mitchell’s death being told to him through a text message from former Three 6 Mafia groupmate, La Chat. Juicy, legal name Jordan Michael Houston III, went on to express that Mitchell was noticeably high in their last encounter.

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“Last time I saw Gangsta Boo was a couple of months before she passed. We talked about a lot of different things — we talked about life and her mom passing. We hugged and talked about old times,” he said.

He continued, “I noticed something about her at the time. She was doing coke at that time and she was very, very high. I can tell when you have that coke face and she was just sniffing and stuff like that.”

“I ain’t gon’ lie, man, this is real s*** — it’s scary, but it’s real s***. When she walked off, something was telling me like, ‘She gon’ die,’” Houston added, before sharing that he wanted to prevent Mitchell from spiraling.

“I don’t know where that came from, but I was just looking at her like — ’cause I knew she’d been doing it for a long time so I was like, ‘Damn, man. You still doing cocaine?'” he added. “And I wanted to say something to her, to talk to her about it. Back in the day, I would pull her to the side like, ‘Boo, put that s*** up. We got work to do.’"

He continued, “But I hadn’t seen Boo in a long time and so, you know, she a grown woman so I wasn’t trying to be all up in her business … I wish I could’ve said something. I’m like, ‘F***.'”

When asked what he would’ve done if given the chance, Houston responded, “I would’ve just pulled her to the side and gave her my number and be like, ‘Look, if you need some help, you need somebody to talk to. I see you still doing the coke, let’s talk about it, let’s try to get you some help.’”

On Jan. 1, 2023, Mitchell was found unresponsive at her mother’s home in Memphis and pronounced dead at the scene. Months later, her death was ruled an accidental overdose, as she had fentanyl, cocaine and ethanol in her system.