Hannibal Buress
Hannibal Buress
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Catholic University Cuts Off Hannibal Buress' Mic Over Joke About Priests Molesting Children

The Lucas Brothers Discuss Their First Netflix Special On Hannibal Buress' 'Handsome Rambler' Photo Credit: Vickey Ford for Okayplayer.

Hannibal Buress recently performed at a Catholic university where his microphone was cut off during his set after addressing the Catholic Church's history of child molestation and sex abuse.

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The controversial joke took place during a standup performance at Loyola University Chicago, when Buress showed those in attendance an email he received from the Jesuit university's administration. The message forbade him from making jokes about "rape, sexual assault, race, sexual orientation/gender," or "illegal drugs."

"Bitch ass old people, I can project. Y'all fuck kids, right?" Buress said as he displayed the email on a projector. Following the remark the school turned off his mic.

In a report from the Loyola Phoenix, Buress tried to continue his set but the staff turned music on to drown him out. The comedian then took a 15-minute break and returned to perform after the crowd booed and chanted for Buress to return.

He also apparently addressed the incident, making fun of whoever turned off his mic, as well as pointing out Loyola's tuition and endowment.

Considering the types of jokes usually a part of Buress' standup sets, it doesn't make any sense why Loyola booked him in the first place. After all, Buress is the one who called out Bill Cosby's alleged history of sexual assault during a 2014 standup routine, which ultimately led to the sexual assault trial he's currently facing.

Buress recently appeared on the 100th episode of the internet series Hot Ones, where he discussed making his rap debut with "Gibberish Rap," as well as recounting memorable moments on The Eric Andre Show.

"The most fun I think I had was the Rapper Warrior Ninja. We were just dying laughing because the course was set up and no one really ran through it," Buress said on The Eric Andre Show. "I was watching like 'Yo, they might get hurt for real.' Danny took a nasty fall in there…that s**t looked crazy."

Source: Loyola Phoenix