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Photo Credit: Noa Grayevsky

Listen To Synead's Dreamy New Single 'Zenith'

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Singer-songwriter Synead is back with another bop.

Some know Synead as the organizer behind Millions March NYC, one of the nation’s largest anti-police violence demonstrations of 2015. Others know her as the 26-year-old singer-songwriter and dancer from the famed LaGuardia High School of Music & Performing Arts. And though she's forever devoted to both her art and her activism, Synead is championing music as her medium of the moment.

"Zenith" is the New York native's latest single, and a continuation of her signature sonic style— soft, soulful vocals, pop accents, and Caribbean flair. The track was produced by frequent collaborators Cabo Blanco and Broad City music supervisor and resident music expert at MTV's Wonderland Matt FX, who she teamed up with last year for her debut single, “Tropicao," which premiered on Beats 1 Radio.

Synead, whose name and nickname, Cid —short for her middle name "Cidney"— is often confused with the name of The Internet's Syd. But make no mistake, Synead is pushing her own presence.

"I always make jokes and refer to that side of myself as 'Cid Gritty' because a lot of the new material is a little more raw," she told to Okayplayer. "There are things on my mind I've been wanting to address."

Now, Synead is writing new music to hone a different side of her artistry, and spoke to Okayplayer about the inspiration behind her latest discography addition.

"My entire life I've been fighting for a reality most people label a silly dream," she said. "This song is a testament to my unwavering commitment to everything I've been fighting for. I've always seen it. Now I really believe it. So I have no choice, no matter the obstacle, but to go get it."

"Zenith" offers a pulsing, yet smooth island groove paired with tender vocals and, according to producer and co-writer Matt FX, it's "an artistic and lyrical turning point in her musical journey."

Matt FX spoke to Okayplayer "about his collaboration with the singer. "Synead has always worn her influences proudly and Zenith is the newest distillation of those tastes," he said. "Combining everything from Caribbean dancehall to big, Benatar-esque 80’s songwriting, this may just be the highest point she’s reached yet." 

Stream Synead's new single Zenith below:

Catch Synead performing live at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn April 6th.