Top 5 Michael Jackson Remixes
Michael Jackson and Steve Rubell in the DJ booth at Studio 54, circa 1977

Four years ago Michael Jackson cleared the world’s dancefloor (and shut down the internet) when he passed on this date in 2009. It’s hard to fathom that it’s been four years since we lost the King of Pop and it is just possible that pop music, too, is dead and just hasn’t realized it yet (at least that’s the way some people in this office see it).

But wherever you rate Michael’s contribution in your personal canon of musical saints, it is only right and meet that we remember him today, a little sadly, but with music. In that spirit Okayplayer presents the Top 5 Michael Jackson remixes–our absolute favorite reworks and re-imaginings of classic jams from MJ’s decades-long catalogue by some of the best DJs and producers in the entire world. Without further ado, let’s dust of the mirrorball and step into the booth. The King is dead…long live the King.



  • ChadTheCoolcat

    The removed the Z-trip song. I’m blown…wanted to hear that one.

    • Eddie STATS

      its back–swapped in an audio embed

  • Popsie420

    The reggae group The Drastics from Chicago re-did 6 MJ songs. Full band backing MJ vocals. Dopeness, check them out on Jump Up Records.

  • dzynone

    Not sure if MJ should be remixed.

    • Nic

      I’m with you on this one!!

  • sassilewie@yahoo.com

    Reeno did a remix of “Rock with You” that brought in alternatve vocals from Michael never heard before…mixed in the “Swedian-Style” true to the roots.