Sway addresses public demand for a response to Kanye West‘s claim that he doesn’t have “the answers” – an outburst on Sway In The Morning that will make a lot of year-end lists – on the latest edition of MTV‘s RapFix. Sway proves he’s got the answers in a big reveal and lets fans know that they can have the answers too. Check the footage below to watch Sway’s response. Wait for traffic to die down enough for the site to come back up and head over to Sway’s Universe to be a part of the movement.


  • Stephen Lee

    I’m not a Sway fan..dude actually irks me. But on this subject I appreciate his friendship and his loyalty. I watched the whole interview and it seems like it was a heated discussion between brothers. I’ve been their, in the end they hugged it out and kept it moving. I actually gave Sway points for keeping it brother like.. respect Sway..respect.

    • HateYe

      There not their

  • Daddy

    How in the hell can Sway irk anybody?!

  • I didn’t even see it. All I heard was “You ain’t got all the answers, Sway!!” lmao. why address anything. what happened happened. is anybody surprised? It’s not even a big deal

  • Freedom2112

    Kanye is a Knucklehead